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Bannerman High Calendar 2018/19

Bannerman High School Calendar 2018/19

April 2019

Thursday, 25th - SQA Exams Start

May 2019

Friday, 03rd - S2 Tracking Report 3 Issued
Monday, 06th - May Day Holiday
Tuesday, 07th - INSET DAY 5
Monday, 20th - P7 Parents Evening (6.30pm)
Tuesday, 21st - P7 Pupil Visit (21st - 22nd Inclusive)
Thursday, 23rd - S1 Parent Report Issued Issued
Friday, 24th - May Weekend Holiday
Monday, 27th - May Weekend Holiday
Friday, 31st - SQA Exams End

June 2019

Wednesday, 12th - S1 Best of Bannerman Showcase
Thursday, 13th - S2 Best of Bannerman Showcase
Friday, 14th - S3 Best of Bannerman Showcase
Friday, 14th - S3 Parent Reports Issued
Wednesday, 19th - School Show (19th - 21st Inclusive)
Thursday, 27th - Bannerman Awards Ceremony
Friday, 28th - School Closes 1pm