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Bannerman High Calendar 2017/18

Bannerman High School Calendar 2017/18

September 2017

Thursday, 21st - S1 CSI Day
Friday, 22nd - HOLIDAY (22nd-25th Inclusive)

October 2017

Friday, 06th - S3 Tracking, GOR Reports and Appointment Sheets Issued
Thursday, 12th - S1 Tracking, GOR Reports and Appointment Sheets Issued
Friday, 13th - INSET (3)
Monday, 16th - October Break (16th-20th Inclusive)
Monday, 23rd - S3 Parents' Evening (4.15-6.30pm)
Monday, 30th - S1 Parents' Evening (4.15-6.30pm)

November 2017

Friday, 03rd - S4 Tracking Report Issued
Friday, 17th - S2 Tracking & GOR Reports Issued
Friday, 24th - S5/6 Tracking Reports Issued

December 2017

Monday, 04th - N4 /N5 Assessments & Prelims (4th-15th)
Tuesday, 05th - Christmas Concert
Friday, 15th - S3 Tracking & GOR Reports Issued
Wednesday, 20th - Schools Close 2.30pm
Thursday, 21st - Christmas Break (21st-3rd Inclusive)

January 2018

Thursday, 04th - School Reopens 8.50am
Monday, 08th - S5/S6 Assessments & Prelims (8th-19th Inclusive)
Friday, 19th - S4 Parent Report & Appointment Sheet Issued
Monday, 22nd - S2 Parents' Pathway Information Evening (6.30pm)
Monday, 22nd - S2 Pathways Information Issued
Monday, 29th - S4 Parents' Evening (4.15-6.30pm)
Monday, 29th - S6 Blood Transfusion Drive

February 2018

Friday, 02nd - S5/6 Parent Reports & Appointment Sheets Issued
Tuesday, 06th - HPV Immunisations & Mop Ups
Friday, 09th - S2 Parent Reports & Appointment Sheets issued
Monday, 12th - HOLIDAY (12th-13th Inclusive)
Wednesday, 14th - INSET (4)
Friday, 16th - S1 Tracking & GOR Reports Issued
Monday, 19th - S5/6 Parents' Evening (4.15-6.30pm)
Monday, 26th - S2 Parents' Evening (4.15-6.30pm)

March 2018

Tuesday, 20th - DTP/MenACWY and HPV Mop up Immunisations
Friday, 23rd - S4 Tracking Reports Issued
Thursday, 29th - School Closes 2.30pm
Friday, 30th - Spring Break (30th- 13th Inclusive)

April 2018

Monday, 16th - S1-S3 Annual Data Checks Issued
Monday, 16th - School Reopens 8.50am
Wednesday, 18th - S3 Exams (18th-27th Inclusive)
Monday, 30th - SQA Exams Start

May 2018

Monday, 07th - HOLIDAY
Tuesday, 08th - INSET (5)
Friday, 11th - S1-S3 Annual Data Checks Returned
Friday, 18th - S2 Parent & GOR Reports Issued
Monday, 21st - P7 Parents' Information Evening (6.30pm)
Tuesday, 22nd - P7 Induction Days (22nd-23rd Inclusive)
Friday, 25th - HOLIDAY (25th-28th Inclusive)
Thursday, 31st - S1 Parent & GOR Reports Issued

June 2018

Friday, 01st - SQA Exams End
Monday, 04th - S4/5 Annual Data Checks Issued
Friday, 08th - Bannerman Ball
Wednesday, 13th - School Show (13th-15th Inclusive)
Friday, 15th - School Show (13th-15th Inclusive)
Wednesday, 20th - School Dance Show
Thursday, 21st - Award Ceremony
Friday, 22nd - Activities (22nd-25th Inclusive)
Tuesday, 26th - School Closes 1pm