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Message from the Headteacher

Dear Parent/Carer

It gives me great pleasure to present to you the Bannerman High School Web Site . I hope you feel that this web site provides you with useful information about the school, our aims and the educational opportunities we offer your son or daughter.

As a comprehensive school, Bannerman High aims to develop the potential of every child, affording equal opportunities to all. We aim to ensure that all our young people learn the facts, techniques and skills to help them build their lives for the future. We try to cater for the common needs of all and for the special aptitudes and interests of individuals so that each child benefits fully from his/her experience in Bannerman. In so doing, we strive to help each pupil attain the very best qualifications through examination success, maintaining high standards for the individual and for the school as a whole.

There is a traditional intellectual training across various subject areas but we are also concerned with the personal and social development of the child. Within a safe, caring and orderly environment we aim to encourage in each child respect for themselves and others, tolerance, responsibility and self-discipline, self-confidence, independence and ambition. Bannerman High is a community and we stress, without apology, the importance of politeness, honesty and concern for others. We want children to be happy and we believe the “Bannerman Code” supports this, providing a framework upon which each child may build his/her self-discipline both as a pupil and as preparation for the future.

Parents and teachers share the same hope for every child- that they will emerge into adult life as good citizens, well prepared and willing to lead useful and fulfilling lives. We want them to achieve the best possible qualifications and to recognize the importance of learning as a life long process. Working together will allow us to ensure that these aspirations become realities. We welcome parents as partners in the educational process and will strive to strengthen this partnership. We need you to do the same. 


Seonaidh Black