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Fuel Zone

Healthy eating is important to ensure your body gets all of the nutrients it needs to get you through each day. By following a healthy diet, you will have more energy, which will improve your concentration in class and enable you to perform better at sports.










Working with pupils and teachers the Fuel Zone is constantly trying to provide healthy and tasty options for you at reasonable prices. Below are some great reasons why you should choose to eat in the Fuel Zone.


Gold Card

The Gold Card is available for 4th, 5th and 6th years; the card can be topped up with £5.75 on a Monday morning and can be spent in the Fuel Zone throughout the week. The Gold Card saves time and offers more flexibility as it only has to be topped up once a week and lets you choose when to spend it.


Free Meal Entitlement

 If you receive a free meal entitlement your £1.15 will now go on the card before 9am meaning you can use it at breakfast and morning interval as well as at lunch time.


Breakfast Service

The breakfast service is available in your school, it starts at 08.15am and is a great way to catch up with friends and make sure you get your fuel before school. A meal deal of cereal with milk, toast with spread and fruit juice is available for only 50p.


Morning Break

Why not make a pit stop to Fuel Zone at morning break, a selection of hot and cold rolls are on offer as well a selection of other delicious snacks.


Fuel Zone Choices

Fuel Zone Choices gives you more control at lunch time, it lets you choose what type of food you would like at lunch time. The zones available at Bannerman include:


-       Subzone; fresh baguettes made up in front of you.

-       Bake Take; a baked potato bar with a choice of fillings.

-       Big Burger; a healthy burger bar.

-       Big Pizza; a pizza counter offering a variety of toppings.

-       Curry bar; a selection of curries available daily.

-       Grab n’ Go; a pre-order service that allows you to order a packed lunch in the morning and collect it at lunch to avoid queues.

-       Hotbites; a traditional main meal of the day.

-       Pasta bar; pasta with a variety of fresh sauces to choose from.


In addition to the main items in each zone, you can select home made soup and bread, a variety of hot vegetables or salad options, a selection of fruit and yoghurt and semi skimmed milk or water. This is available for the all-inclusive price of £1.15.


If you have any questions or suggestions regarding your Fuel Zone, please contact Joyce Currie, catering manager