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Enrolment Procedures
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The majority of pupils enrolling in Bannerman do so from our associated primary schools, but pupils from other areas may enrol in Bannerman High School if there are places available in the year group. Parents should make contact with the School Business Manager in the first instance.

For those who wish to visit the school before seeking a place, a telephone call to the school is all that is required. Arrangements will be made for a visit.

Our six associated Primary Schools are:-


Caledonia Primary   Sandaig Primary
Garrowhill Primary Mount Vernon Primary
Carmyle Primary Swinton Primary

Primary/Secondary Transfer Arrangements

Steps are taken to try and ensure the transition from Primary to Secondary is as smooth and
trouble free as possible:

1. Regular meetings are held throughout the session at which the Heads of our six Associated
Primary Schools meet with the Head Teacher and a Deputy Head Teacher to discuss matters
of curriculum and procedure.

2. Parents of Primary 7 pupils are invited to a meeting held in Bannerman at which the Head
Teacher and the Deputy Head Teacher explain the organisation of the school as well as its
curriculum and philosophy.

3. A Deputy Head Teacher, members of the Pastoral Care team and members of the Pupil Support
Department visit the associated primaries in April and May of each session to identify the particular needs of the new intake and to discuss with primary colleagues the progress of all pupils coming to Bannerman.

4. During May and June a Deputy Head Teacher speaks to the primary pupils in their own
school and answers their many questions. The DHT will also attend the Primary 7 parents’
evening for consultation. An induction booklet is provided for each pupil.

5. During June all primary 7 pupils intending to come to Bannerman are invited to attend the
High School for a 3 day period. This gives them an opportunity to meet their new teachers
and to familiarise themselves with their new surroundings.

6. Where staffing permits, the six associated primary schools are offered the opportunity to
become involved in a programme of timetabled links with specialist teachers from Bannerman.

7. Throughout the year a member of Bannerman High Support for Learning teaching staff, who is a
trained primary teacher, works within our associated primary schools as a co-operative teacher.
This allows us an opportunity to get to know pupils individual needs prior to their Bannerman
High School start.