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Bullying in Bannerman
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We decided to find out the views of staff and pupils about bullying within the school

Do you think bullying has got better over the years you have been at Bannerman?
  • There will always be bullying. If people don’t report it, it can’t be fixed. About two years ago there was a survey and 83% of the school that took the survey thought bullying has improved. Most bullying is online or starts online and not in school.
  • I think sometimes it does happen, the children are all very active; we try to do what we can to solve it. We have a very clear anti bulling policy.
  • I think bullying is wrong it’s an issue that schools need to make sure that we help pupils who are experiencing this. We need to look and see how we can help the person that’s experiencing the behaviour and look at what we can do to help the person that’s doing the behaviour in case there’s something that’s causing that as well. It’s a massive problem; we are always looking at it to see how we can help.

Have you ever experienced being bullied?
  • I have been bullied in the past when I just started a new school in S1 and I didn’t know anyone. One girl said I could be friends with her if I gave her my snack at break, my lunch and a bunch of other things. She said it was “sharing” and that’s what your mean to do with friends.
Do you have any friends that have experienced being bullied?
  • My friend got bullied by her boss, the boss would always give her a lot of work and then take the credit for her work and they would always threaten to cut her hours and they were always taking advantage of her.
Have you ever helped someone who was being bullied?
  • Being a pastoral care teacher I have done that quite a lot but to resolve it you need to go to someone and get help. Once you have solve the problem you have to keep going back to whoever helped you to make sure it doesn’t happen again and that it is over with.
Can you think of anything other than we are already doing to stop bullying?
  • Don’t get involved in the problem but go and tell a teacher and take responsibility and don’t help spread the rumours and if you hear any tell a teacher.
  • We stop bullying by making sure that if there is any type of bullying going on you make sure you tell the teacher, you tell your mum, you tell your dad, you tell your granny, whoever it is you trust you tell them and make sure the school gets alerted about it and then we can start to stop it that’s the most important thing is that if you see someone getting bullied and nothings being done about it it's your responsibility to tell a teacher and the people that get bullied are getting very upset and it’s a very difficult time for them.


"it is horrible and disgusting.. Go and tell the teacher."

"We should have permission to sit and solve it together."

"Go to your buddy or friends."

 We surveyed S1 pupils about what they thought the main kinds of Bullying and here are the results:

Social Bullying 0%

Verbal Bullying 35%

Physical Bullying 15%

Online Bullying 50%

People think cyber is the most common form of bullying because most people have phones and access to the internet and people see it a lot on social media.