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S1 and S2 Science
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Science is the study of the natural and man-made world that we live in. Laboratories are very exciting and interesting places where you will do experiments, do your reading and discuss your ideas.

Some topics you will study are................
Living things                   Electricity      Energy                Senses
Solvents and Solutions           Earth in Space                       Cells and Reproduction
Everyone makes notes in their jotters and Activity Sheets. Don’t worry if you need a bit of extra help – the teachers will make sure that you have work you can cope with! This is also true of the homework.
There are extensions for those who can do more than the core work. We also do Thinking Skills lessons.
In most topics there are investigations or projects and you’ll do some research for these. At the end of each topic there is a test. This lets you and your teacher know how well you have learned and if you need extra help.