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Exam Stress
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Exam Stress

The build-up to exams is when pupils feel most stressed. It’s the pressure of not failing and trying to pass that stresses pupils out. However once you do the exam you feel as if all that worrying was for nothing as the exam was not as bad as you thought it was going to be.

The pressure teachers, parents and other adults put on pupils is just adding to the stress they put on themselves. If you don’t pass you feel as if everyone will be disappointed in you and it’s the end of the world but in actual fact everything will be the same.

With all of the stresses running through your mind you should remember to take time for yourself and try to relax. You should do this because working yourself too hard will do more bad than good.  Ways to relax include, meditation, take deep breathes and exercise. There are other ways to relax as well and you can find your own way to relax.

Stress about tests and exams can start as young as six years old. Is that healthy? No it isn’t. Stress can affect you physically as well as mentally, it can give you spots, headaches and there are many more side effects.

Teachers do notice how much stress pupils are under and some do feel bad for them. A lot of teacher try and help pupils so to find out how they are helping we asked Ms Shah. She said to talk to your pastoral care teacher or someone else you trust.