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Review of the Day
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Our Day  as School Reporters
Today we had a lot of fun getting to use technology, getting to find out about the news, having a free range of opinions and taking control and getting to interview Gillian Smart. We would really enjoy doing something like this again in the future. We had a lot of fun and this has been a really fun experience for us. We also enjoyed getting to do our own things while researching and getting to pick rather than being told what to do. We felt it was good that we got to use our talents like typing, writing, talking, thinking of questions and a lot more.
By the Bannerman Buzz
What did you enjoy about today?
The fact we were like real reporters
That we were allowed to do our own individual research
What did you find difficult about today?
Try to work to different times
Thinking of good interesting topics to write about
Getting finished by deadline!
What did you learn today?
What it was like to be part of the press
That you need to work as a team to get stuff done!