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Principal Teachers of Pastoral Care 

Mrs L Peoples

Burns House
Mr N Pattison Livingstone House
Ms L Morton Mackintosh House
Mr C Gardiner Napier House
Ms Heeney Telford House
Mrs R Guile Wallace House


Information for Staff, Parents and Carers (1049 KB)

           Happy, Safe and Achieving their Potential

        A Standard for Pastoral Care in Glasgow Schools


The Pastoral Care staff of Bannerman High have a responsibility to help and support all pupils in their journey through school. It is one of the functions of Pastoral Care that they work with parents, in partnership, to ensure that each pupil can achieve their full potential. On entering Bannerman, each pupil will be allocated to a Pastoral Care teacher (a promoted member of staff with responsibility for the welfare of your child).

This member of staff will keep contact with the same group of pupils throughout their school career. Pastoral Care involves pupils being allocated to a House group with a Principal Teacher of Pastoral Care having responsibility for all pupils in that House.


Pastoral Care staff duties include:

  • Arranging individual interviews with each pupil on a regular basis
  • Providing the main link between school and home
  • Helping pupils and parents with important educational decisions  e.g. subject choices in S2 and S4 & S5.

It is important that parents should feel free to contact the Pastoral Care teacher regarding their son or daughter - this can be done by contacting the school office. Parents should see Pastoral Care staff as a source of support and information.

To augment the work of Pastoral Care staff, a programme of Personal and Social Education is organised within the school timetable which involves aspects of Health Education, Careers Education and preparation for life beyond school.


Bannerman Pastoral Care staff also work with a number of outside agencies to ensure all pupils achieve their full potential. These include the Social Work Department, Psychological Services, Youth Services, H4U, Direct Access, NHS and the Schools Attendance Council.