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Subject Stress
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Subject Stress


A recent letter in the herald newspaper is from a teacher who gave up her job after 20 years because she was so disillusioned with education.


I was surprised by this because after 20 years of long hard work to give it all up is such a big risk.  I understand where she is coming from because she wants the best for her children.  She sent her son to the council’s new PFI – funded schools.  She believes that secondary schools in Scotland are not giving young people the opportunities that they need to develop.  She also thinks there should be more choices in the timetable to help children excel in later life.

One of this ex-teachers problems with the education system is that there is “no flexibility within the subject choices on offer.”   She feels that children are not ensured that they are benefiting from a “broad and balanced curriculum.”

Having enough options is important for young students because it opens their eyes to a brighter future.  So not having the best education could make it difficult in later life because when a child leaves school they should feel confident and relaxed that they have the qualifications that they need to have a stable and enjoyable career, so if someone does not get the full benefits of  education confidence is not going to be their only worry.

This woman is very public about how she believes that Scotland’s children are not gaining the most out of their education and that it should be a priority to make sure that life in schools as easy as possible for teens because with millions of teens experiencing stress every year we need to step back and realise maybe our schools are not meeting our expectations and rather than criticising our curriculum maybe we should be thinking about how to improve it.