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Higher Computing Science


Prelim Revision Work

Prelim Topic List

Prelim Revision Questions

Prelim Revision Answers to Questions 1 to 40

Prelim Answers



Computer Systems (CS)

Theory Notes



Software Design & Development (SDD)


SDD Practical Booklets:

Software Design & Development Booklet 1

Software Design & Development Booklet 2



Web Design & Development (WDD)

WDD Powerpoint

SQA Sample Website (Use updated Chrome or Internet Explorer)



Database Design & Development (DDD)

Use SQL Bolt for practical work (and theory notes).

DDD Powerpoint


Past Papers / Exemplars / Model Papers

SQA Sample Paper 2019


Revision Checklist and Notes



Additional Revision Material


Traffic Light Revision Slides

SDD Questions

Coding Questions


Additional Notes / Practical Work

HTML / CSS Booklet

HTML / CSS / JAVASCRIPT (Powerpoint)