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National 4 and 5
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National 5

Database Design and Development

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National 5 Prelim Revision Material

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National 4 and National 5

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SQA National 5 Website (including 3 past papers with marking instructions)


Johnstone High School - Amazingly helpful website for all your computing needs.


BBC Bitesize       National 4            National 5



SDD Theory, Pratical and Question Booklet


SDD Homework Booklet

N5 Homework Computational Thinking 1

N5 Homework Computational Thinking 2 N5 Homework Computational Thinking 3

N5 Homework Computational Thinking 4

Pseudo Code Programming Theory Programming Challenges

Database Slides

Database Slides 2

Misuse of Computers Programming Slides
Storage Requirements Storage Requirement Questions

Data Representation and Computer Architecture

Information Systems Theory

Standard File Types Questions

Environmental Implications Networks ISDD Systems
Legal Implications Media Types Security Risks and Precautions Users and Interfaces


 Computer Systems  National 5 Summary Notes  National 5 Summary Notes Expanded
N4/N5 Systems Homework      

 For the prelim exam it would be beneficial to study the following topics


·         Decimal to binary conversion

·         Memory types

·         Video formats

·         Advantages and disadvantages of interpreters

·         Parts of the processor

·         Calculating the size of a graphic

·         Buses

·         Security precautions

·         Real number representation

·         Database field types

·         Scripting languages

·         Programming data structure and type

·         File compression

·         Readability of code

·         Advantages and disadvantages of cloud storage

·         Problems with flat file databases

·         Advantages and disadvantages of types of web authoring software

·         Addressing on webpages

·         Web page testing

·         Determining the number of variables

·         Using formula to create a program

·         Input validation

·         Normal, extreme and exceptional test data


·         Complex sort on a database

·         Primary keys

·         Database filed types

·         Data Protection Act

·         URLs

·         Formatting Languages

·         Internal and external hyperlinks

·         Mobile website design

·         Navigation features on web pages

·         Comparing magnetic and solid state storage

·         Environmental issues

·         User interfaces

·         Server types

·         Smartphone input devices

·         Using code to draw patterns

·         Pre-defined functions

·         Firewalls

·         Design notations

·         Fixed loops

·         Calculating an average when programming

·         Identifying errors in code